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Friday, September 20, 2013


What do you think you are?
A melancholic person.

What do your friends / family think you are?
A weak girl.

Are there any gaps? What are you going to do with it?
No. I have a good relation with my friends and family even if I'm so far away from my parent right now but I always have communication with them everyday by text or call.
And I'm kind of phlegmatic person who can make friendships easily so that I can be friendly with all people who want to receive my existence.

3 most important points you learn on how you identify, learn and develop your interpersonal communication skills especially related to your self - concept/awareness/esteem, values and soft-skills during class meetings, online discussion, service learning experiences and daily life. Inclusion of related anecdotes, poems, drawings or crazy ideas are greatly welcome!

You know, I'm a melancholic-phlegmatic-kind-of-person. I'm always over thinking about things more than it should be. I always use my feeling too much. Too much drama in my mind. When I get problems, I can't go from my problems away. I want my problems to be finished clearly as soon as possible, that's why I always think about it more and more and look at the problems from the negative perspective mostly. 
I'm very sensitive. I always realize when the unusual things happen. When someone acts unusual to me, I always wonder why they do it. I always wonder what my fault is, what makes them change their behavior to me where I know that just like seasons, people change. I know that sometimes they have their own problems so they act like that to me. But I'm always afraid that I'm the one who makes them like that. That makes me having such a weird and awkward communication with people sometimes. And the other problem of being sensitive is easily offended. That's why many people say that we are the melancholic not suitable with the sanguine one. Because the sanguine always say what in their mind without thinking about other's feelings. That's a big different. I think about other's feelings more than mine. I don't care I will be hurt as long as I don't hurt them.

I'm an introvert-extrovert-kind-of-person. Sometimes I can be an introvert and extrovert to some people. So I also have phlegmatic side that can make me making friendship easily. I hate arguing. It's also kind of phlegmatic type. Being not-a-friend with other people is the thing that suffers me. When I get into some problems with my friends, I always want my problems to be finished soon. I will not let a day passed by. I don't mind if I will be the one who is asking for apologize first as long as we can be friend again even if it's not my fault.

I have low-self-esteem. I look at the things from the negative perspective mostly. I usually focus on my weaknesses and mistakes that I have made.

Attitude that I want to stop doing is being too melancholic. Because being melancholic is really tiring. Too much drama.

Attitude that I've been successful in developing is I can make friendships easily. I don't choose for people to be my friends. I love to make friendships with all people in the world.