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Monday, December 16, 2013

The story of my service learning.

I love my service learning group, Mercy. Actually we had been close before but since we did this service learning we're getting closer now. I feel so glad that my group can do this service learning well. I also feel so happy that I can share a knowledge to the other people. I love how my group can cooperate well in doing this service learning. We taught them together, we faced some problems together, we decided a thing together, and we got some new experiences together. Thanks to my group that we could support each other through this hard work. I know without you guys this service learning wouldn't run well. I hope we can still be close each other even though this service learning has already finished. 

My next planning to implement my informatics knowledge in public society as college student is by serving some children who do not have enough money to go to school by teaching them about computer material cause I know they will definitely need it along with the development of technology.