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Friday, March 21, 2014

Future partner.

Dear future partner that I already knew...

How are you doing? Still busy doing your church service? It's okay, yeah I'm very okay with that.

Hm by the way you've ever told me you'd be so nice to me, wouldn't do any harm and protect me. I believe you're doing your best now, right? You know what, I always think about our future.. I hope you'll be... greeting me good morning, texting and calling me from your office whenever you have time, bringing my favorite foods (you know I always love food!), feeling sorry and you mean it when you tell me you'll come home late, kissing me good night, and those I love you(s) we keep telling each other without being bored. I know you've changed to be an adult version of you, with that moustache (maybe) or anything, still I love you anyway. And oh! I also think about we have a cuddling couch outside in our garden, with beautiful lamps, where we pass our evening there, talking and laughing remembering those days when we were still college students. And in our bedroom, I want a bunch of pillows inside and a tv with dvd player, we watch movies together until we fall asleep.. it's fun, isn't it? I love you, A.