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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Welcome to 20's, Cimon!

Hmm i do feel old, i must admit but that's probably the only feeling i'm feeling right now. i cant believe when people ask me now, i'm going to say, "20".
Leaving my teenage years behind has got me thinking.. Yesterday I turned 20. Not a particularly exciting event but it does mean i leave the teenage years behind forever, which is something i greeted with a fair amount of sentimentality and reflection.
I'm writing under the assumption that most of the people reading this are either in their early twenties or late teens, so therefore will be able to relate to my reflections on acne, awkwardness and all the right of passage that go with being a teenager. Apparently i'm supposed to discover what i want to do for the rest of my life, although i still dont have a clue.. I think that there can be no question that the teenage years are the formative years where we change both physically and mentally, our views on the world and life are formed, we find passions for certain types of music, we find passions and interest that will stay with us for years to come..
For me though, the most important thing is that i've made friends with people that i know i'm going to remain lifelong friends with, all going well. 

"Time passes by and we are not getting any younger. I believe that as long as we are living, we should make the most out of everything. Be grateful to our love ones, show them how much we love them before it's too late. Be careful of the words we utter. Visualize the things we want to have and it will be ours. Think positive all the time. Keep the faith strong, have something to believe in. Never reject the chance to learn new things." - Esther Maris

Thankyou God for all of these, for blessings me till this 20 years and still counting..

"From birth I have relied on You, You brought me forth from my mother's womb. I will ever praise You." - Psalms 71:6

"However many years a man may live, let him enjoy them all". - Ecclesiastes 11:8

First birthday cake..

Special thanks to ALVIN!

Special thanks to Santy, Fanny, Agatha, Natalia, Monci, Christine, Feli, Patty,
Handoko, Samuel, Gosal, David, Vincent, and Ronald.

Special thanks to ce Monik, Alvin, Jennifer, ce Agnes,
Hary, Cornelius, Christian, Edo, and Arif.

Special thanks to Ofel, Icha, ce Fifi and family.

Special thanks to Agatha.

Special thanks to Cin-cin, Viona, and Anthony.

<birthday dinner w/ him>

Special thanks to Melda.

Special thanks to Santy.

Special thanks to Samuel.

Special thanks to Jessica, Lisa, Mimi, Michael, Edo.

And now i wanna say THANKYOU for everybody who participated to complete my birthday.. i wouldnt say it's the most exciting or most fun birthday ever but thanks for taking time and come. Thankyou for the presents, the surprises, and the wishes (i'm sorry if i didnt reply your wishes, but i sincerely thank you for that). Thankyou all for making this happened (mom and dad included). LOVEYOU MUAHH :*