Deep thinker & Sensitive soul.

3:51 PM

When we're a deep thinker, with a sensitive soul, we have a tendency to overanalyze and overthink. We dont give ourself a break and we're always too hard on ourselves.
We take people's words seriously, we try to interpret exactly what they meant or how they said things. We drive ourselves crazy because part of us want to ask them why they said that and the other just doesn't want to sound insane.
We see the world in black and white because we cant be in the middle, we can't settle for grey, we don't know how to half-feel, half-love or half-live. We either give our all or we feel empty all the time.
We've been called too many things; too sensitive, too deep, too emotional, too serious, crazy, indecisive.
Our heart is fragile and hopeful so when we don't get the affection or the love we were looking for, it breaks us.
We're always trying to find meaning behind everything. Meaning behind our pain or our?heartbreak. Meaning behind our losses and the lessons we've learned. We cant just live without trying to find answers to the questions we have.

But when we're both a deep thinker and a sensitive soul, remember this — we have something special, we have art, we have magic within us, something about this unique pairing fuels the fire within us to be someone worth remembering, to do something extraordinary for the world, to use all the madness inside us and turn it into wisdom. We become an alchemist, transforming our pain and darkness into gold.

So to the ones who are tired of apologizing for their sensitivity. The ones who have to say sorry for overreacting or getting emotional. The ones who push people away because they care too much about them. The ones who get hurt when someone looks the other way, when someone ignores their message, when someone doesn't smile back.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry we live in a world that doesn't understand us. I'm sorry that we live in a world that doesn't realize how much it needs us, because we give people hope and we remind people that it's okay to be real and soft. We remind people that it's okay to be a non-perfect human being. 
To the ones who are tired of apologizing for their vulnerability. The ones who show too much too soon. The ones who cant help but tell people how much we love them and what we're willing to do for them. The ones who believe that people can change, that people can heal, that people just need the right kind of love to be the best versions of themselves. Don't let the world change us. Don't let heartbreak make us down. Keep saying what we want to say because life is too short to keep important words unsaid.
I still don't have the answer. I still dont know why people like us are suffering. I still don't understand how our kindness and our authenticity is working against us but i know that a lot of people are watching us. Maybe a lot of people secretly want to be us. Maybe we're an inspiration to those around us. And maybe the world is too hard on us because we're someone people look up to us and they want to know that we'll keep on fighting. They want to know we'll keep on trying, we'll keep on building our own life and carving our own path because that's what makes us special. That's what makes us extraordinary— our ability to live when everything around us is killing us.

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