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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Your own happiness.

We have to understand that we will not have everything we have now forever and that waiting until after it’s gone is not the time to sit and wish you would have done more when you had the opportunity to do so. Most of the time we take our lives and all that we treasure for granted, and don’t really know its true worth until it’s not around.

If we give into the childhood fantasy that everything just takes care of itself, we do not feel the conviction of responsibility to do all that we can to preserve, protect, and invest in our lives, each and every day. That is the problem with our society.

We need to have a sense of awareness and be thankful for everything we have at all times.
We don't ever live in the moment anymore and always have other things on our mind-things that we incorrectly deem to be of greater importance and are never happy with what is in front of us. We think we can have better. That's not living. That's called enjoying life. We need to be present in life, we need to enjoy every moment for what it's worth because if there's one thing I've realized, it's that, that moment, once it passes, is gone forever.
Without the awareness of the passage of time we let opportunities slip by rather than seizing the moments when they come. How many opportunities do we let pass us by while transfixed under the spell that we will get another tomorrow? The opportunities to step up, to take a risk, to do the right thing, to make amends, to say "I'm sorry" or "I love you". Life is too short to keep these things bundle up inside.
As human beings, our first-order inclinations are toward survival and self-protection. If we're honest, we can acknowledge that this leads to a kind of laziness. We wanna hide out, to shirk responsibility, to let someone else do the dirty work. 
The good news is that, if we can develop the courage to face the fact that loss is an inevitable part of life, we help create the conditions in which we can get up and get rolling.  
This is the path to a most desired state : Living in the moment.
Here, we can be guided by a set of much more uplifting sayings like "No regrets".
You need to live in the moment and appreciate everything and everyone you have around you. Be present in life, not always worrying about what's going to happen next. Life is made up of the moments that are to be cherished and when we're on our last days that is what we are going to remember. 

Allow yourself to create those memories and value them because they are worth more than anything money can buy. You can't buy happiness, but YOU CAN CREATE IT!!..

A Joyful Christmas.

Christmas is a time of cold weather, and warm traditions.. When special decorations are brought out of the attic.. Smells of favorite family recipes fill the frosty air.. When families take time to sing holiday songs and tell the stories they loved the most..

Christmas brings such a time of love.. The purpose to give, send love along.
A time of pleasantries, patience, good wishes to all, thankfulness, and gifts from our God..
Great the rewards that joy does bring.. Like the beauty in hearing angels sing.. We pray for our loved, each so dear.. Especially those who can't be near.
Give thanks to our Lord, His only Son..
And cherish His Christmas, everyone.

I made a Christmas wish for you..all my blog readers here, who also celebrate this beautiful Christmas.. For a holiday full of pleasure.. Friends and family all around.. And memories to treasure.. I wish for you a Christmas filled with joyous holiday cheer.. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year ahead!

Here's my Christmas thingy this year ^.^

Christmas Nail Art

Christmas Opera Cake

White Bear on White Christmas
A Special Bouquet of Pink Roses for my mommy
O Holy Night..
Holy Night Candle
My sister and me in Church's Christmas Tree
Me with my "alay gurlz" hahaha! zhelby-me-debby.