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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Interpersonal Communication + Interpersonal Skills = Interpersonal Relationships

Interpersonal Communication is the way we interact through communication with other people. I wondered why this subject should be given for us, the informatic students. But right now I realize that it will be very important for us. People usually assume that informatic students are always sitting in front of the computer, doing some freaking things called coding or something. And by being given this subject, perhaps it could make us have good interpersonal communication skill which will be very important for our social life.

And what is intrapersonal communication?

It's an internal process of communicating with the self. It may be more commonly recognized as the "little voice in your head" or "self-talk." Self-talk may be a dialogue in which you encourage yourself to act in a certain way, alternatively it may be an imagined conversation.

But what I want to talk about here is the interpersonal communication one.

You know what, interpersonal communication skill is an important thing to have and can be valuable in almost any situation. When we have good interpersonal communication skills, we are able to develop social skills and can effectively communicate with someone using various techniques. It's also very important for us who want a good job and a good relationship with our manager or our workers. 

One of the interpersonal skills to have is the ability to have effective communication with other people. Effective communication is fairly easy to accomplish since the main goals are to listen and comprehend what someone is saying to us. It's important to always recognize the person that is talking to us to let them know we are listening and sometimes nodding and agreeing are ways to show that we are listening. Once the person is done talking to us, it's important to summarize in our own words what the conversation was about. So that the person knows that we understand the conversation and we were paying attention. This skill is very important for us to have good relationship and we will be better respected because we take the time to make sure we understand what is being asked of us.

The other thing that is very important in interpersonal communication is about anger management. It's also a great and effective interpersonal skill that is important at the workplace. Everyone becomes angry sometimes, at something, whether it's a bad day or other person makes us angry. It's important to know that being angry at work can cause a lot of problems and can possibly make us lose our job if we can't properly control those emotions. One of the most important things to keep in mind when we are angry is to take deep breathes to calm down and if that doesn't work then just walk away. Knowing how to deal with our anger will enhance the relationship between us and the other people and will help them to develop better anger management skills. People will come to us with problems due to the fact they know that we can find a proper way to deal with the situation at hand. This is also important because maybe our boss might be looking at us as a team leader or offering us a higher level position.

And what about my interpersonal communication skill?

You know, I'm a melancholic-phlegmatic-kind-of-person. I'm always over thinking about things more than it should be. I always use my feeling too much. Too much drama in my mind. When I get problems, I can't go from my problems away. I want my problems to be finished clearly as soon as possible, that's why I always think about it more and more and look at the problems from the negative perspective mostly. 
I'm very sensitive. I always realize when the unusual things happen. When someone acts unusual to me, I always wonder why they do it. I always wonder what my fault is, what makes them change their behavior to me where I know that just like seasons, people change. I know that sometimes they have their own problems so they act like that to me. But I'm always afraid that I'm the one who makes them like that. That makes me having such a weird and awkward communication with people sometimes. And the other problem of being sensitive is easily offended. That's why many people say that we are the melancholic not suitable with the sanguine one. Because the sanguine always say what in their mind without thinking about other's feelings. That's a big different. I think about other's feelings more than mine. I don't care I will be hurt as long as I don't hurt them.

I'm an introvert-extrovert-kind-of-person. Sometimes I can be an introvert and extrovert to some people. So I also have phlegmatic side that can make me making friendship easily. I hate arguing. It's also kind of phlegmatic type. Being not-a-friend with other people is the thing that suffers me. When I get into some problems with my friends, I always want my problems to be finished soon. I will not let a day passed by. I don't mind if I will be the one who is asking for apologize first as long as we can be friend again even if it's not my fault.

Any thoughts of improvement? Yeah. I'll try to not be in melancholic-world too much. Because being a melancholic is really tiring. Too much drama.

So you guys, let's have a good interpersonal communication skills because communication is the key and good relationship will go a long way!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Second short story.

Nike melihat dari kejauhan.
Tubuhnya mulai berguncang.
Tangannya mengepal kuat.
Ia melihat Robert begitu bahagia ketika berbicara dengan perempuan itu. Senyuman yang Nike lihat di wajah Robert, berbeda dengan senyuman yang Robert berikan pada Nike. Pandangan mata yang Nike lihat di wajah Robert saat melihatnya, berbeda dengan pandangan mata ketika Robert memandang Nike.
Robert pernah mengatakan kepada Nike, bahwa perempuan itu hanyalah temannya. Namun sekarang, Nike mulai bertanya-tanya.
Nike sendiri pun tidak mengerti. Apakah Robert memang memiliki perasaan untuk perempuan itu, lebih besar daripada perasaanya untuk Nike. But Nike doesn't want to be just another girl to him. She knows she must sounds crazy but she actually cares about him, a lot. Padahal Robert masih belum menjadi miliknya. And that scares her. Justru ketidakjelasan hubungannya-lah yang membuat ia takut. Nike tahu ini terdengar sangat egois. Nike tidak ingin wanita lain dekat dengan Robert. Nike sangat cemburu bila Robert melakukannya.
Namun kehadiran Nike pun sepertinya bukanlah hal yang membuat Robert merasa nyaman. Robert pun juga tidak peduli dengan keberadaan Nike. Dan Nike mulai sadar.. Betapa seharusnya ia tak perlu mengemis perhatian dari orang yang tak menganggapnya ada. :)