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Monday, December 08, 2014

Christmas happiness.

Bahagia itu sederhana.. saat kita mampu melepas setiap hal yang membuat kita merasa sakit dan menderita.. Saat kita mampu menerbangkan segala kesedihan dan mengubahnya menjadi senyum dan tawa.. Bahagia itu sederhana saat keyakinan kita akan sebuah cinta yang selalu jadi alasan untuk bertahan, bertahan untuk tersenyum, bertahan untuk percaya dan bertahan untuk hidup.. Kita tidak akan pernah mampu sungguh-sungguh bahagia, jika kita tidak mampu melepaskan hal yang menjadi sumber kesedihan kita.. 
Dan bagiku secara pribadi, hal yang membuatku bahagia yaitu ketika aku masih diberi kesempatan untuk melayani, memuji, dan menyebahMu ya Tuhan..
Jadi, berbahagialah selagi kita bisa karena bahagia itu sangat sederhana..

Mazmur 34:8
Kecaplah dan lihatlah, betapa baiknya TUHAN itu! Berbahagialah orang yang berlindung pada-Nya!

Mazmur 40:4
Berbahagialah orang, yang menaruh kepercayaannya pada TUHAN...

Saturday, December 06, 2014

Sunday School Christmas Celebration

Thank You God for Sunday School Christmas Celebration service today.. I feel so glad i could serve You by those sunday school children.. Thank You God You put me here, not a coincidence but its part of Your big plans..
Merry early Christmas, child..

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Thanks God, i was scolded by this morning preaching. It really suits with my condition right now.
2 Corinthians 13:5
Dont ever look the other, but look yourself first.
1 Corinthians 4:5
Dont judge..
Dont blame the other, but start to correct yourself.
Control your own self.
Seringkali ketika terjadi masalah biasanya kita sering menyalahkan orang lain tentang masalah yg terjadi, namun ada baiknya kita melihat apa yg salah dari diri kita. Cekcok atau pertengkaran sering terjadi karena kita sebagai manusia lebih memilih untuk saling menyalahkan dan tidak mau disalahkan. 
Psamls 26:2
Test me, Lord, and try me, examine my heart and my mind.
Psalms 139:24
Search me God and know my heart, test me and know my anxious thoughts.

Its not that easy to change ketika kita sudah terbiasa melakukannya. Your environtment also defines. Try to be a new us, a better us for sure.
Happy Sunday.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Had so much fun with BIG HERO 6! I want to steal the inflatable Baymax in the cinemas 😭 pleaseeeee, Pixar.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Kita tidak akan pernah tahu arti kekuatan tanpa mengalami kelemahan.
Kita tidak akan pernah tahu arti penyertaan tanpa pernah mengalami kesendirian.
Kita tidak akan pernah tahu arti diberkati tanpa mengalami kekosongan.
Kita tidak akan pernah tahu arti mujizat tanpa mengalami ujian.
Jadi.. Bersyukurlah dalam segala hal..
Selamat malam. Tuhan Yesus memberkati :)

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Relationship is a hard work.

I think relationship is a hard work. Its not only keeping a relationship healthy, fun, and alive. But it takes a day-by-day commitment and sometimes that feels easy to do and other days it feels exhausting. Sometimes we feel like love is not enough and we want to give up and that’s okay. It’ll most likely pass.
The fights are hard, but the conversations that could determine our future together are even harder. Every relationship is different, but its easy to compare ours to others and feel as though we're missing something.
Sometimes my emotional wires will get crossed and i will not know what my own feelings are versus what his feelings are and i might need time away to simply be able to understand how i feel.
Sometimes things are not fair or as amazing as i thought they would be. Sometimes i will love and give and everything will be fine, but it will still be broken, and i'll have to summon up enough courage to deal with all of this and more with grace and kindness, despite wanting to be anything but graceful and grateful...
Every night i pray for this relationship. And i know we can hold on till now bcos of You, Lord..
May God bless our relationship, always and forever...

Sunday, August 03, 2014


I did not know until now that clouds could be like this. I did not know that the sky is the sea and that clouds are the souls of happy ships, sunk long ago. I did not know that the wind could be tender, like hands as they caress. And i would like to touch those clouds, one day..

Taken from the sky,

Friday, May 23, 2014

Cast all to Him.

And remember... when you're struggling with something, you're never alone cause we have Him!
"Serahkanlah segala kekuatiranmu kepada-Nya, sebab Ia yang memelihara kamu." - 1 Petrus 5:7



Hectic days.

Hello im really tired these days. Hfffttt.. Many projects and reports are waiting to be done soon.. hmm, and this thing makes me feel bad sometimes. But i think when im struggling with something, i have to look at all the people around me and realize that every single person i see is struggling with something. Well its not only me who have to finish those assignments but my friends too. And to them, it's just as hard as what im going through. So cimon dont stop now! Your breakthrough is right around the corner. The last mile is often the longest one. So keep moving forward, and look for ways to pull ahead and win. Maybe someone is about to step in and give me a break. But i have to continue to believe in miracles and work to bring about victory. I'll try to strengthen my faith to believe that anything is possible.

Sometimes i just have to remind myself that it'll all be okay. Maybe not now, maybe not tommorow, but one day. So i have to remind myself that things have changed. It changed for a reason. I just have to let go and move on. Its okay if its going to be hard and im gonna feel lonely but just hold on.. Cause who's to say tommorow wont be the best day of my life..?
There comes a time in life when i walk away from all the drama and people who create it. I just have to surround myself with people who make me laugh, forget the bad and focus on the good. Love the people who treat me right. Pray for the ones who dont.. Life is too short to be anything but happy. :))



Saturday, May 03, 2014

Trust God's process.

Akhir2 ini saya sering berkutat dengan pikiran saya mengenai betapa kita sebagai manusia terkadang tidak menyukai suatu proses, apalagi proses di dalam kehidupan. Padahal, kalau kita mengingat kembali kepada awal mula penciptaan langit bumi serta segala isinya, bukankah itu berbicara mengenai proses? Tuhan sangat menyukai dan menikmati suatu proses, sehingga karena itulah, maka Dia menciptakan segala sesuatu yang ingin Dia ciptakan, termasuk menciptakan manusia. Bayangkan, apabila Tuhan tidak menyukai proses, maka akan menjadi seperti apa kita dalam proses penciptaanNya? Begitu sempurna penciptaan serta karya Tuhan atas kita. Lalu, apa alasan kita sehingga tidak menyukai proses? Percayalah akan proses Tuhan, karena Tuhan menyukai hal itu. Sesuatu yang serba instan, belum tentu baik, belum tentu berguna dan hasilnya belum tentu maksimal.

Enjoy the life process that God gives. Tuhan ingin kita menyukai proses yang Dia berikan. Keluh kesah tidak akan menghentikan proses tersebut, bahkan memperlambat jalannya proses itu dalam menuju hasil yang Tuhan inginkan, karena Tuhan ingin ada kerjasama dengan kita supaya proses itu segera selesai dan mencapai hasil yang Tuhan inginkan.

Siapapun mereka yang sudah mengalami suatu proses Tuhan dan membuktikan hasilnya, pasti akan setuju dengan saya bahwa proses Tuhan itu indah. Ya, karena mereka dan juga saya, sudah mengalami hal itu dan bukan hanya teori. Bahwa, saat kita percaya akan proses Tuhan, everything will be beautiful in His time..

Apabila kita diperhadapkan dengan suatu pilihan, akankah kita mau menerima segala sesuatu yang asal-asalan atau yang berkualitas karena sudah lolos dalam suatu proses pengujian? Saya sendiri, akan memilih sesuatu yang berkualitas daripada yang asal-asalan, karena pasti nilainya lebih berharga dibandingkan dengan yang asal jadi. Begitu pun Tuhan, Dia tidak ingin sesuatu yang asal jadi. Tuhan ingin kita menjadi manusia yang berkualitas dan memiliki nilai yang tinggi sesuai dengan standarnya Tuhan. Will we? ;)

Pada saat proses kehidupan itu berlangsung, kita mengalami bermacam-macam rasa. Rasa senang, rasa sedih, dan berbagai macam rasa yang lain. Pasang surut kehidupan, itulah proses. Ada sukacita, ada dukacita. Tapi sebagaimana Tuhan mau, nikmati saja proses itu. Just enjoy it. Ketika kita ada di dalam proses Tuhan, walaupun mungkin sempat membuat kita kaget, shock atau apapun itu namanya, nikmati saja, karena Tuhan menyukai proses. Tuhan melihat hati kita, saat kita menikmati proses Tuhan dan hati kita bersyukur, maka Tuhan semakin meringankan langkah kita, sehingga terkadang tanpa kita sadari, prosesnya selesai dan hasilnya sudah ada!
Masih belum percaya bahwa proses Tuhan itu indah..? Nikmati saja proses Tuhan, dan buktikan sendiri, karena saya sudah mengalaminya :)

Haleluyah praise the Lord!!


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Welcome to 20's, Cimon!

Hmm i do feel old, i must admit but that's probably the only feeling i'm feeling right now. i cant believe when people ask me now, i'm going to say, "20".
Leaving my teenage years behind has got me thinking.. Yesterday I turned 20. Not a particularly exciting event but it does mean i leave the teenage years behind forever, which is something i greeted with a fair amount of sentimentality and reflection.
I'm writing under the assumption that most of the people reading this are either in their early twenties or late teens, so therefore will be able to relate to my reflections on acne, awkwardness and all the right of passage that go with being a teenager. Apparently i'm supposed to discover what i want to do for the rest of my life, although i still dont have a clue.. I think that there can be no question that the teenage years are the formative years where we change both physically and mentally, our views on the world and life are formed, we find passions for certain types of music, we find passions and interest that will stay with us for years to come..
For me though, the most important thing is that i've made friends with people that i know i'm going to remain lifelong friends with, all going well. 

"Time passes by and we are not getting any younger. I believe that as long as we are living, we should make the most out of everything. Be grateful to our love ones, show them how much we love them before it's too late. Be careful of the words we utter. Visualize the things we want to have and it will be ours. Think positive all the time. Keep the faith strong, have something to believe in. Never reject the chance to learn new things." - Esther Maris

Thankyou God for all of these, for blessings me till this 20 years and still counting..

"From birth I have relied on You, You brought me forth from my mother's womb. I will ever praise You." - Psalms 71:6

"However many years a man may live, let him enjoy them all". - Ecclesiastes 11:8

First birthday cake..

Special thanks to ALVIN!

Special thanks to Santy, Fanny, Agatha, Natalia, Monci, Christine, Feli, Patty,
Handoko, Samuel, Gosal, David, Vincent, and Ronald.

Special thanks to ce Monik, Alvin, Jennifer, ce Agnes,
Hary, Cornelius, Christian, Edo, and Arif.

Special thanks to Ofel, Icha, ce Fifi and family.

Special thanks to Agatha.

Special thanks to Cin-cin, Viona, and Anthony.

<birthday dinner w/ him>

Special thanks to Melda.

Special thanks to Santy.

Special thanks to Samuel.

Special thanks to Jessica, Lisa, Mimi, Michael, Edo.

And now i wanna say THANKYOU for everybody who participated to complete my birthday.. i wouldnt say it's the most exciting or most fun birthday ever but thanks for taking time and come. Thankyou for the presents, the surprises, and the wishes (i'm sorry if i didnt reply your wishes, but i sincerely thank you for that). Thankyou all for making this happened (mom and dad included). LOVEYOU MUAHH :*

Friday, March 21, 2014

Future partner.

Dear future partner that I already knew...

How are you doing? Still busy doing your church service? It's okay, yeah I'm very okay with that.

Hm by the way you've ever told me you'd be so nice to me, wouldn't do any harm and protect me. I believe you're doing your best now, right? You know what, I always think about our future.. I hope you'll be... greeting me good morning, texting and calling me from your office whenever you have time, bringing my favorite foods (you know I always love food!), feeling sorry and you mean it when you tell me you'll come home late, kissing me good night, and those I love you(s) we keep telling each other without being bored. I know you've changed to be an adult version of you, with that moustache (maybe) or anything, still I love you anyway. And oh! I also think about we have a cuddling couch outside in our garden, with beautiful lamps, where we pass our evening there, talking and laughing remembering those days when we were still college students. And in our bedroom, I want a bunch of pillows inside and a tv with dvd player, we watch movies together until we fall asleep.. it's fun, isn't it? I love you, A.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Diet? I don't think so..

Well, I ate a lot these days. And I think I'm getting fatter right now.. Oh, I hate it. Most of the girls' problem is this, weight problem.. Huft.. As much as I love food, and love to eat, I can't do this. I have tried losing weight many times, but I have failed because I just can't stop eating.
So there comes a statement like this : "Diet always starts tomorrow."
Yes, it's definitely true.
So you you guys don't make fun of someone who's on diet, give them a round of applause because it takes serious perseverance and determination.

Goodnight, xx.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Tomorrow's gonna be a Valentine's Day.

Helloooo guys! What day is tomorrow? Yeah tomorrow is Friday, February 14th. And it's a Valentine's Day!! And of course in classic commercial sense, there are all kinds of pink thingy, red balloons around, love songs playing all the time on the radio, gifts for the special ones, and all kind of things that keep reminding you that valentine's day is here..
Maybe for some of you guys who are in a relationship, it's a good day and definitely gives some ideas on what you can do for your special one, or what you're gonna do with your special one, maybe you can go out for Valentine Dinner or something. But if you're single, I believe it's such an annoying reminder that you're single and even if you don't give a sh*t about Valentine's Day, it's just in your face and you want it to end. Soon. Hahaha..
But you guys can still do your own thing and having fun. Just forget the folks receiving flowers, engagement stories, wedding party, restaurants filled with lovers, etc. But you also don't have to sit at home and hate every couple or drown yourself in.. umm maybe such cheesy romance movies (?) Lol. You can go out with your friends (the single ones, not the couples) to go watch movies, lunch, dinner, or something. Because Valentine is not about couple. But it's all about love. Not about flowers nor chocolates. It's the love that we can share with everyone, not only boyfriend, girlfriend, fiancee, but you can share it with all the people in this world! Especially with your family! If you live in the same city with your family (so sad I didn't), it would be a good idea to spend some time with them. Some of my best memories of Valentine's day have been with my family. You should remember, they are your first loves anyways <3
If you don't have anybody, then treat yourself fine! Make some 'me' time.. like a spa, treatment, shopping, buy something you've always wanted. Just.. just something that will put a smile on your face :) there's no better way to spend a day than treating yourself to all of the things you love and crave. Go ahead and relish your independence!!

Wishing you guys all Happy Valentine in advance! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3



Thursday, January 09, 2014

100 things about me.

1: People usually call me: Cimon, Cindy, Mon
2: I was born in: Jember
3: I am really: Boring right now
4: My hair color is: Red-brownish
5: My shoe size is: 36-37
6: My cellphone companion is: Blackberry and Samsung
7: My favorite shampoo is: Tresemme
8: My pet: Fish and turtle
9: My first car was: Tamia
10: My first doll was: Barbie
11: My favorite doll is: Teddy Bear
12: My favorite genre of movies: Action
13: My favorite movie: Fast&Furious6
14: My last watched movie in cinema: Frozen
15: I'm allergic to: Horror
16: My favorite cartoon movie: Spongebob Squarepants and Tom&Jerry
17: My parents: are the best
18: My first song album collection: Westlife
19: My last song album collection: Higher by Sidney Mohede
20: Last Youtube video watched: One Direction's MV
[I believe in]
21: Jesus: 100%
22: Heaven: absolutely
23: Miracle: for sure
24: Luck: yes
25: Fate: yes
26: Horoscopes: not really
27: Magic: nope
28: Hypnotics: yes
29: Love at the first sight: nooo
30: Aliens : big NO
[this or that]
31: Summer or winter: winter
32: Autumn or spring: autumn
33: Pizza or burger: burger
34: Chocolate or candy: candy
35: Hug or kiss: hug
36: Strawberry or apple: strawberry
37: Juice or milk: both
38: McDonalds or KFC: KFC
39: Laptop or PC: laptop
40: Coffee or mocktail: coffee
41: Frappucino or capuccino: capuccino
42: Sneaker or high heels: sneaker
43: Coca Cola or Pepsi: coca cola
44: Singing or dancing: singing
45: Cat or dog: dog
46: Adam Levine or Justin Timberlake: JT
47: Christmas or birthday: christmas
48: Chocolate or flowers: flowers
49: Walt Disney or Warner Bros: Walt Disney
50: Mickey or Donald: mickey
51: Rilakumma or Hello Kitty: rilakumma
52: Pooh or Piglet: piglet
53: Brad Pitt or Beckham: Brad Pitt
54: One Direction or Westlife: Westlife
55: Justin Bieber or Obama: Obama
56: Cried in front of someone: my sister
57: Went to a cinema: three weeks ago
58: Last vacation: Bali
59: Got my nails done: yesterday
60: Person I'm going to meet: Kim Woo Bin
61: Most difficult thing to do: waking up in the morning
62: My zodiac: Taurus
63: The worst sound in the world: hearing someone screaming loudly
64: The person that made me cry the most is: my mom
65: TV shows you watch: Yuk Keep Smile
66: Favorite web site:
67: My dream vacation: France
68: My favorite band is: Bon Jovi and The Beatles
69: Do you want children: yes, twin please
70: More guy friends or girl friends: guy..
71: Last person I got mad at: myself
[my favorites]
72: Candy: Tamarins
73: Doughnut: J.Co
74: Car: Bugatti Veron
75: Athlete: Kobe Bryant and Roger Federer
76: Model: Miranda Kerr
77: Man Singer : Jon Bon Jovi
78: Woman Singer: Celine Dion
79: Cellphone provider: simPATI
80: Korean boyband: BigBang and Suju
81: Korean girlband: Miss A and 2NE1
82: Animal: penguin and dolphin
83: Sport to play: basketball and swimming
84: Sport to watch: basketball and tennis
85: Book: bible
86: Day of the week: sunday
87: Flower: blue roses
88: Color: violet and red
89: Comedian: Tukul
90: Food: spaghetti
91: Baverage: mineral water
92: Snack: Lays
93: Hair: with bangs
94: Language: english
95: Kind of man: mature
96: Kind of friend: i can be crazy with
97: Clothes: t-shirt and hotpants
98: Softlens: brown
99: Place: bedroom
100: Gadget: phone

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Kim Woo Bin.

I guess i just became one of Kim Woo Bin fans since I watched his latest korean drama titled The Heirs which I always watched every week when the episodes released. I admit it, Kim Woo Bin is just the coolest man that ever exist in this planet, sounds too much but um, it's true indeed. I love him not because his looks. Actually he's not that handsome. I choose Lee Min Ho for the looking because yeah I can't lie that he's one of the most handsome man in Korea I think. Even in the world maybe? Hahaha. Hm even everyone says that he's kind of a bad guy but for me he's so charming!! I spend my holiday, surfing on youtube watching his videos and also googling his photos and its very very very entertaining and he's really hilarious. Love him to the max!! 0^◇^0)/
another useless post from me.
xx, cimoonnn.

Tuesday, January 07, 2014


Hello guys, me and my sister were trying to make this lip-sync video and here's the video :
*sorry for the bad quality*

1. Roar - Katy Perry

2. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together - Taylor Swift
3. Teenage Dream - Katy Perry

Or you can check it right here :
Excuse my weird face anyway :P
xx, cimoonnn.

Monday, January 06, 2014

Still need this blog.

Hm. Life is quite the same for now, and so on. I'm still on my holiday while my some other friends are taking their final exam now, goodluck for them btw!!
So much had happened but well, I just decided not to blog 'em. No specific reason or whatever. But I'm not literally lost.. I still do update on my twitter @cimoonnn and also instagram : cimoonnn.
Reason why I didn't blog that much is because of this awesome and most popular apps rite now called Instagram. Just kinda post every daily thing there in pictures and videos. It's easier I think. Hmm.. been thinking to shut this blog down but some of the people around told me not to. Well, I'm not going to. Cause sometimes I still need this blog to share my untold stories.. so I write them here..
And this noon I cooked Cap Jay for lunch btw :P
Catch ya soon guys!
xx, cimoonnn.

Sunday, January 05, 2014

Bonjour 2014!

Haiiii ≧﹏≦
Sooooooooo sooo sorry for being off for decades. Hahaha.. I'm sorry for the sudden lost. But I didn't disappear like 100%.. Since I was asked to write my assignment here. *on my previous post*
First of all I wanna say HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my readers here. *since it's my first post on this 2014* I wish you all the good things come in this new year ╮(╯▽╰)╭
It's the beginning of a new year and well I'm probably going to put up a wish in this year.
Well, I wanna tell you guys that maturity is not when we start speaking big things.. but actually it's when we start understanding small things. And perfect maturity is when a person hurts you and you try to understand their situation and don't hurt them back.. *learned this thing from someone*
Make it a point this year to seek God's guidance before we act!
- 1 Corinthians 14:20
- Ephesians 4:13
xx, cimoonnn.